about us

Our Mission

To efficiently build high quality, sustainable, energy efficient homes for the local community by re-purposing distressed & underutilized sites.


A business that creates value for its partners while providing new homes for the UK.


Trust –  Is fundamental in all our partnerships

Integrity - We have strong principles & honour

Quality - An aim to deliver a beautiful product

Passion - Loving what we do

Humility - Keeping ourselves grounded as we succeed



what we do

Our Strategy

Sites without planning that we can purchase or work with the landowners to develop.

Sites with planning in place that we can start construction on.

Commercial sites that are not fit for purpose anymore.

Refurbishment projects where we can add value & bring the buildings back into use.

Area's of Operation

London and the South East


Invest with us

We offer straight forward property investment strategies for people that want to make there money go further but don't have the time or knowledge to successfully implement property works.


Our team will undertake all the work from start to finish, sourcing the property, the refurbishment and the exit.

Saving Booster

This strategy gives a guaranteed percentage return on your capital with a minimum time commitment of only one year.

Designed to make your money work hard for you and producing excellent results year in year out, this is by far the most common and flexible strategy for you as an investor if you want to see quick results without a long term commitment.

Buy To Sell

This option focuses on purchase, refurb, resell whether its single dwellings or commercial conversions into multiple units and land development.


This strategy is popular with high net-worth individuals, business angels and company directors looking for great returns on their investment.

Portfolio Builder

Our power team work with you to establish long term goals to build your own property portfolio, and the best thing is it’s all done for you while you sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home.


We can build you a large portfolio using only an initial deposit and recycle it to buy multiple properties.

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If you would like to know more or even join us on our journey please get in touch.

+44 20 8144 3278


118 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5EA

United Kingdom